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Count on Knox for a unique and unforgettable performance experience, executed with precision and professionalism. Her infectious energy is a must-have for any stage or performance event. Choose from a variety of services, from solo performances, burlesque acts, go-go dancing, and hosting;

or book her talents to be a part of your artistic project as a dancer or actor!

With experience both in front and behind the camera, Knox is a valuable asset for any shoot. Her playful and adventurous creative nature combined with strong creative problem solving skills make her an ideal collaborator to make magic!

Tap into her unique and distinctive vintage style for your next shoot

“Having hired Knox Harter in the past, I can attest that she brought absolute professionalism, a friendly demeanour and an enthusiastic performance to the event. The audience was singing her praises all night -  long after her performance was over! I’d hire her again in a heartbeat.”

Tia Brazda

Jazz singer

Toronto, ON

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