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Workshops and Sessions

Knox’s teaching career spans over two decades with a wide variety of experiences teaching the very small to the very tall, young and old, beginner to pro. Her experience has ranged from teaching in dance studios, community centres, public schools, conventions, intensives, gyms and fitness studios in classes as large as 75 participants! Knox’s classes and sessions work to harness a supportive environment for all people to come and participate as they are, in their current state, while gently challenging their potential and growth. This is achieved by being in tune with the people and dynamics of a class or session, and adapting accordingly, all while having fun doing it! Each class is structured and curated with specific skills and for specific participants. This will be outlined in the class descriptions, including available levels, requested attire or tools, and general expectations of the class. Sessions are structured based on the goals and needs of the individual, and aim to provide accessible tips and tools to utilize well after the session is over. 

Group  and individual sessions available! 

  • Burlesque, dance and fitness classes

  • Act workshopping

  • Choreography

  • Dramaturgy

  • Conditioning and flexibility

  • Performance training​

  • Bachelorettes and Parties

Join Knox Harter for weekly classes downtown Toronto at Rouge Studio for Dance

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“I was in my head but I knew I had a vision of how I wanted the story of my performance to go. I wasn’t sure of what choreography I would be using but the story was super important to get across. Spending time with Knox, she listened to my asks and bounced ideas with me. She allowed me a space to play and work through the ideas and see how they felt. We ran my song, we played, we experimented and she helped me eliminate what wasn’t working and emphasized what did. I am forever grateful for her time and brilliant approach to creation.” 

Charlie Quinn
Burlesque Artist
Toronto, ON

"I was taking a tap dance course and we had Knox as a substitute instructor one day. And that's when i learned about her Burlesque course at the same studio. That class really changed my life - it helped me open up, reconnect to the side of me that yearned to dance and perform. Knox is a highly skilled, patient, and encouraging teacher. She recognizes that not everyone has the same (or even necessary) skills, but she manages to bring a great potential in everyone, work with what is there, and if not turn everyone into a star, then at least make everyone feel like a million bucks! After taking her classes, i was able to push my Burleque career futher, thanks to Knox's recommendations and in-depth knoewledge of the community. I have returned to Knox's specialty classes (holiday specials and such) and will continue to do so should they become available. " 

Natalia Tcherniak
Architect/Set Designer
Toronto, ON

“Knox Harter is a beautiful performer who translates her years of experience to providing her students the confidence to harness and expand their skills. She is attentive, creative and fun to work with. Highly recommended for anyone looking to add a little sparkle to any performance!" 

Lara Harb

Social Media Strategist Toronto, ON

“Knox has been an invaluable resource in workshopping my acts over the years. I have often used these workshops at the beginning of my process or to tune up an existing act that needed to go the extra mile. Knox would often help me to plot out key moments in my acts or clarify and tighten transitions between those moments. Her approach while doing so always respected and prioritized my vision and creative concerns. On many occasions, Knox was able to help me execute movements I would not have been able to achieve otherwise. She drew from her extensive experience in dance and movement to break them down in ways that were easy to understand. Often, this meant that she encouraged me to surprise myself, as her advice allowed me to accomplish physical feats that previously felt out of reach. This demonstrated her ability to work with performers of varying levels of training and experience without judgment. Knox catered our sessions to my abilities and talents by working with them and helping them flourish. In these ways, sessions with Knox felt like working with a trusted collaborator who wanted my initial concept to bloom and shine. Her insights have been an incredible gift in my development as an artist.”

Burlesque Artist, Scholar
Toronto, ON

“I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to workshop my acts over the last decade with Knox Harter, and she is the best of the best.  As a coach and mentor, Knox has incredible creativity along with an incomparable skill set.  She has exceptional training and experience in the field as a burlesque performer, teacher, choreographer and producer.  Knox understands the landscape of how to build an act, and has profound knowledge of classic and Neo-burlesque style, historical and pop-culture references.  She is inherently musical and can interpret exactly what should happen when in a song, which adds excitement and suspense to an act.  She also understands theatrical nuances, and knows how to add dramatic depth to the work.  Knox is not afraid to challenge me artistically, and can safely guide me out of my comfort zone so that I can reach my full potential.  When ever I am creatively stuck or need a second set of eyes on an act that I am working on, Knox can immediately understand and visualize my creative objective and make suggestions to help me get there, piece by piece.  I have never been disappointed after workshopping with Knox, and I am always thrilled by the end results: a beautifully polished and unique act!  I highly recommend you work with her!”

Belle Epoque
Burlesque Artist, Nutritionist
Ottawa, ON

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