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Who is Knox Harter?

Known as the Cheesecake Darling, Knox Harter has the ability to captivate, allure, embarrass, intrigue, swoon, delight, amuse and seduce audiences all over. Raised in the woods of Northern Ontario, she was brought up to be wild, independent, and joyfully defiant. Knox spent her lifetime training in numerous dance styles, especially ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary and physical theatre. She learned how to be a proper lady with etiquette training, but has been selective in its application. Although she excelled in her studies, she proved to be a fiery little imp when she wanted to be, often telling tall tales, flirting with whoever was near and dancing in the street. Knox has always kept her child-like playfulness as a young woman, coercing and teasing all that cross her path with ocean blue eyes. This cheesecake darling loves nothing more than for you to watch her dance and enjoy her company, and she in turn will make sure you leave feeling nothing short of butterflies. But be warned, this sweet little ginger cat has claws, and can eat you whole if she wants, or worse, break your heart. In recent years, Knox has made the occasional migration to backstage, producing heartfelt and mesmerizing stage shows. With a reputation for versatility, an infectious energy, and a powerful performance quality with technical skill, Knox has become a name to watch for in the burlesque scene.

Enter the House of Harter: an online residence for all of Knox's creative endeavours. Take a peek into all her independent creative projects, including online work created in three years during the pandemic. This is the ONLY place you can see exclusive behind the scenes of bookings and creative processes, as well as exclusive video and photo content. 

See finished projects under Knox's personal production brand and get the latest news on upcoming events for only $5 USD a month!


So grab a cocktail, get cozy with  Knox and 

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Curriculum Vitae

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Knox Harter is a multi-disciplinary performer, dancer, choreographer and creator based in Toronto. Originally a classically trained dancer with a B.F.A. in Performance Dance from Ryerson University, Knox Harter has extensive training in ballet, contemporary, jazz and musical theatre in particular...

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