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High Society Cabaret was an independent Toronto-based dance  and burlesque theatre company founded by Artistic Director Anna Jaeger in 2012, and operated with Artistic Director Knox Harter.  It was inspired by classic vintage aesthetics ranging from the baroque period to 1980s, combining elements of the burlesque tease with cabaret style dance.  A little nostalgia with a hint of now, High Society Cabaret would transport you to many a by-gone era.​
The company closed operations due to the impact of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.


Enter the House of Harter: my online residence for all my creative endeavours. Take a peek into all the work I'm doing since the beginning of the pandemic, and have continued to create as I develop into the next phase of my career as a dancer, burlesque artist and theatre creator. See various steps of creation, plus a weekly vlog every Monday exclusively on Patreon! This is the ONLY place you can see exclusive behind the scenes processes and content. There is a wide variety to behold, whether you want to see entire photos sets meant for social media, how I train, my costumes and projects in progress, or even something a little more scandalous, I invite you into my house! 

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